Sunday, January 9, 2011

September 19, 2010: Earth Hour 2011 – your voice, your action, your planet

Earth Hour is driven by the global community’s will to protect the planet we share.

Earth Hour’s exponential growth – from a single-city initiative in 2007 to a global movement across 128 countries in 2010 – is indicative of the growing desire for a cleaner, healthier world that is gathering momentum by the hour.

Across the globe plans are underway to make Earth Hour 2011 even bigger still!

At 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March 2011, Earth Hour will mark a moment of global contemplation to go beyond the hour; a collective commitment by individuals throughout the world to be the ongoing change they want to see in it.

Earth Hour 2011 will mark a moment of global celebration where people of different races and religions, cultures and nations, politics and society, genders and generations transcend division, connected and enlightened by their role as custodians of the planet.

Earth Hour is a vehicle driven by the voices of hundreds of millions of people. It is your unique and powerful voice, how you choose to express it is entirely up to you. Earth Hour is your campaign, so don’t be afraid to own and put your stamp on it. Your voice has never been more influential. In this digital age, your voice is universal.

Be a part of Earth Hour 2011; add your voice and take action, encourage others to join the hundreds of millions across every continent who have already spoken as one on behalf of the planet. Check out the inspiring Earth Hour 2011 video to see what our planet’s voice looks like. It’s an awesome thing.

Follow Earth Hour on twitter and facebook and join the global conversation on the planet’s conservation.

What do you say?

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  1. The burning of torches and candles must be looked into. As we know, they too emit huge amount of pollution into the environment. WWF must be able to advice/recommend on other sources which are safer to the environment. Otherwise as the action grows larger, so will the counter reaction.