Sunday, January 9, 2011

December 8, 2010: Earth Hour supporters build a platform to go ‘beyond the hour’

Currently in development for Earth Hour 2011, will host an online platform that will harness the stories, actions and programs of individuals and organizations around the world that are going beyond the hour with a commitment to an act that benefits the environment. In doing so, the platform will provide a channel for the exchange of resources and ideas that will continue to inspire others to join the global pursuit of a better, healthier world when the lights come back on.

Pivotal to the creation of the online platform dubbed ‘beyond the hour’, are the actions of you, the Earth Hour supporters. And when we asked you last week to contribute your positive acts for earth that go beyond the hour you inspirationally responded en masse.

From Macau to Montevideo, scores of original and inspiring anecdotes and images from all over the world have already been added to the development of the ‘beyond the hour’ platform, which is set to launch in February next year. Here is just a sample of the positive acts people are already doing for earth beyond the hour:

‘Continue to turn every inch of my yard into a productive, sustainable garden. The mission is not just to grow food with zero food miles, but to heal the soil where I can and leave it alive and humming.’

- Alciata from Christchurch, New Zealand

‘I am using less, wasting less, consuming less, and participating more in environmental actions to help support local organizations working towards a healthier climate.’

- Concernedcitizenoftheplanet from Surry, Canada

‘We will continue to provide free monthly reminders of two simple actions to lessen our carbon foot print on the planet.’

- from Orlando, USA

If you want to be one of the first to contribute to the ‘beyond the hour’ platform and be part of a global movement to inspire change, then simply complete the Earth Hour 2011 ‘act beyond the hour’ online form and let us know - this Earth Hour, what positive act will you do for earth that goes beyond the hour?

Tell us what you're doing for the planet and we'll tell the world! And if you have an image or video you would like to submit with your positive act for earth, please email the attached image or youtube video link to stating your username, city and country.

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