Monday, February 14, 2011

Earth Hour 2011 TV commercial launches across the globe

From the film set of Sydney’s Fox Studios – home of box office blockbusters such as The Matrix, Mission Impossible and the Star Wars prequels – comes the latest production to sweep the world… the Earth Hour 2011 TV commercial!

Launching across the globe today, the Earth Hour 2011 TV commercial calls on people from all corners of the planet and all walks of life to switch off their lights for Earth Hour 2011 at 8.30pm on Saturday 26 March and make a commitment to an action, big or small, that has ongoing benefits for the environment ‘beyond the hour’.

Produced by internationally-acclaimed production house, Radical Media, with the support of hundreds of Earth Hour volunteers, the engaging TV commercial is a powerful illustration of how our individual actions can add up to meaningful solutions to the world’s environmental challenges.

Earth Hour Co-Founder Andy Ridley said, “Earth Hour has grown exponentially year on year since its inception in 2007. We have been overwhelmed by the power of individuals and communities to come together and send a powerful message by switching off the lights. Just imagine what we could achieve if we take this beyond the hour.”

Many thanks to our friends at PSI Screen Printing for donating the t-shirts and track pants worn by the volunteers, to Radical Media for providing their production expertise and, of course, to the awesome Earth Hour volunteers for going well beyond the hour by giving up their time to be living pixels in the TV commercial.

What action for the planet will you commit to for Earth Hour 2011 that goes beyond the hour? Tell the world at

To see what it takes to be a pixel for a day, check out the behind-the-scenes ‘Making of’ video put together by Radical Media.

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  1. Earth Hour every day.
    Use Earth-Hour bulbs; save electricity and the Earth.